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Sally sez caption by JessIzAMess Sally sez caption by JessIzAMess
:iconsallyacornplz::iconsaysplz: Haters...
(Yes, Shadow is in here cuz I love SonAdow. Deal with it)

Hate Sally? Good luck with that. Mary-Sue? Please, 80% of the Sonic characters are Gary-Stus and Mary-Sues themselves. Heck, Sonic is a Gary-Stu, not to mention. Naked? Sally is naked just so she could break the sexist clothing barrier, telling all the other female animals that they are free to wear whatever they want. She is a true Freedom Fighter, after all. She's a bitch? Yeah, sometimes Sally can be that most of the time, but that's due to the poorly written comics. Besides, look at what a big of a jerk Sonic turned out in the comics! You hate Sally for being a bitch, but love Sonic for being a dickheaded prick? She wants Sonic to herself? Now, you're just giving away Amy's desire (I'm not against her, or anything) to Sally just to make her look bad. Sally respects Sonic's personal space, and lets him go free whenever he feels in the need for speed. She has never stalked Sonic, threaten him with a hammer, or force him to marry her. Sonic belongs with [*insert name here*]? Respect that, but is it necessary to give Sally all this abuse just for being Sonic's love interest?

No need to set fuel to the flame. Sally is a good character, and she was a childhood favorite during the time SatAM aired, which was the way-past-cool 90s'. To SonAmy fans out there who hate Sally: Sally is good friends with Amy, and even if Sonic and Amy ever decided to live their life with each other, Sally would be fine about that.
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December 19, 2013
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